GeorK Física - Cinemática 2D

Theory and practice about the kinematic of the particle in 2D


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Physics is one of the most difficult subjects for high school students. That’s why, understanding the wording correctly is essential to reach the required level.

GeorK Física - Cinemática 2D is an application for Windows that reviews the theory and the practice of this branch of mechanics; it’s specifically in charge of studying the movement a trajectory has on a plane.

Its aimed at students preparing their University access exams and it presents two clearly differentiated areas: the first (theory) in which the theoretical concepts of this science are explained and the second (practice) where exercises are suggested and the student can check his level.

Concepts like average velocity, instantaneous velocity, acceleration, uniform acceleration or the graphical representation of movement are well explained in the theoretical section.

It has a multiuser character and it’s possible to select the number of questions the exam will have and if there will be or not a time limit. Once the answers have been selected, GeorK Física - Cinemática 2D shows the obtained mark, as well as analysing the answer and explaining it step by step. It also has tools so the teacher can adapt the content.

No doubt that GeorK Física - Cinemática 2D is an essential tool which will save the money of private lessons to more than one father.

Free for personal use, but not for a teacher to teach a class with it.

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